Roberta Frantzis
Counselor, RSW
British Columbia

Roberta Frantzis
Counselor, RSW
Ninoshenh Counseling
Okanagan, British Columbia
Detailed Information

What is Ninoshenh Counseling? Ninoshenh means Auntie in Anishnabemowin.

Auntie’s are such a vital part of supporting Mama’s and their children. Wrapping a village around a Mama is something every Mama deserves and is not easily come by. As a Mama and an Auntie I know this.

Ninoshenh provides Mama’s and Aunties with counseling from an Indigenous worldview including support, storytelling and resources.

We collaborate with existing birthing teams. And we have an amazing team we work with if a Mama is looking to add to her team. Our team includes Indigenous Birth Keepers (Doula) and Natural Health Practitioners.

Virtual sessions available

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