Alexandra Barnaby Willett
New Brunswick

Alexandra Barnaby Willett
EL Wellness Studio
206 Notre Dame, Atholville, New Brunswick, E3N 2Z7
Detailed Information

EL Wellness is a place for people to come and feel good.  I am in the process of opening a studio in Atholville NB (opening Sept 2021) but currently offer online fitness STEP UP classes.  Anyone anywhere can register!

STEP UP is a cardio conditioning class. We use the power of the step to intensify our workouts to max out calorie burn
In 30 minutes I take you through 3 blocks of work and 3 one minute “transformers” where you challenge yourself to your top potential
We do coordination moves, classic exercise moves, and aerobic style ones in every class
it’s a full-body mix 💪 that will empower your mind and body!
As you work hard from home, I’m spilling words of belief and motivation through the screen
it’s a total sweaty burn, but most of all, it’s fun! the classes fly by and we encourage each other through every workout

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