Ashley Lamothe

Ashley Lamothe, Creative Kwe
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Ashley Lamothe
Creative Kwe
Peterborough, Ontario
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Ashley Lamothe
Our Mar/Apr 2021 Entrepreneur of the Month – and Here’s Why!

Ashley has been selected to be featured as our ‘star’ entrepreneur in NWAC’s new e-zine called KCI-NIWESQ — as well as our program’s Entrepreneur of the Month for the quality of work being done in her business, as well as her amazing contributions to other members of the program. The generosity of spirit, curiosity, and excitement that Ashley brings to our workshops and events is contagious and we couldn’t be more proud! Congratulations Ashley on this fine achievement!

Ashley Lamothe is an Indigenous mother, creativity coach, and entrepreneur residing in Nogojiwanong, Ontario.  With a childhood passion for creativity and helping people, she pursued an education in the helping field. She has a Drug and Alcohol Counselling diploma from Fleming College and a Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Lethbridge. With multiple levels of employment in the non-profit sector, her experience in positive and negative work environments has a common thread: internal/external empowerment.

It took a great personal loss and a move back home to Peterborough for Ashley to fully envision an environment that combines creative passion and personal development. Through research, community guidance, family support, and positive affirmations came the launch of Creative Kwe.

Creative Kwe is a passion project turned creativity coaching practice offering workshops, courses, resources, and public speaking on the benefits and beauty of creativity.

Ashley is a proud mom of tiny humans: Tre and Nahmar. When she isn’t working on Creative Kwe you can find her in the back yard blowing bubbles with her boys, gardening with her mom, or indulging in her 2 loves (besides her boys): Pinterest and Glitter.

Goal: 2020 tore my business down but also gave me the chance to rebuild it stronger and in my own way. This year I’m dreaming big and working on launching a video-based course involving decolonizing creativity, and designing some cool products to accompany the idea behind Creative Kwe.

Recent Achievement(s): The roller coaster of entrepreneurship can be draining so it’s important to surround yourself with people who are going to encourage you and cheer you on. The weekly connections with [NWAC’s] BeTheDrum have done just that and helped with my confidence to pursue.

I recently had the opportunity to have a one-on-one virtual meeting with Sunshine Tenasco, CEO of Powwow Pitch & Her Braids. Talking with her got me incredibly excited about new ideas and growing Creative Kwe. One of my blogs is also going to be featured in Psychology Today as part of a series on Creativity Coaching.

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