Ayla Coltman

Ayla Coltman
Build-My-Brand Consulting
133 9 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2M3
Detailed Information

Tansi, Oki, Bonjour, Danitdada, Hello!

My name is Ayla Coltman, and I am the founder of Build-My-Brand Consulting. We are the Social Media Expert for Indigenous businesses! We are located in Calgary AB Canada.

I help Indigenous Entrepreneurs & Business Owners succeed using powerful social media strategies without fear of failure or public rejection with The 7 Teachings of Social Media for Small Business.

Are you a business owner who isn’t sure how to use Facebook or Instagram for business? Does Facebook Business Suite stress you out?

Our coaching service will get you CRYSTAL CLEAR on how to use Social Media for your business. We guarantee that you will gain confidence in how to use social media, we guarantee that you will gain insight into your branding, your brand voice, and your message. We guarantee that you will be given 24/7 support throughout the entire process.

Are you an entrepreneur who just doesn’t have time to manage your social media presence? Are you simply not interested in taking the time to post on social media for brand awareness?

We offer FULL-TIME account management to make sure your business has a TURN-KEY SOLUTION. We provide everything from content creation, copyright, scheduling, research of usable hashtags, creation of ad campaigns, insights, and 24/7 Notification services so you don’t miss any serious inquiries from social media. Social media helps new clients discover YOU. Why wait to tap into new customers/clients who NEED YOU?


Why Choose Build-My-Brand?

Supporting Indigenous is SO important to our mission. We truly believe that with social media, we can preserve & reignite many facets of Indigenous Culture that are near extinction. We truly believe that social media can be a huge resource for education for Indigenous Youth, Settlers, and Indigenous People discovering their identity. Community is the foundation of our business, and we want to create a community of Indigenous business owners who can support each other through the journey of being an entrepreneur. We hope to support YOUR adventure in business using social media!

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