Due to the increased risk of COVID-19 in places of detention such as prisons, greater transparency and independent external oversight is required. In Canada,Indigenous women represent over 41% of federally incarcerated women, despite just representing 4% of the total female population. Epidemiological data shows that Indigenous inmates and federally incarcerated women have been disproportionately impacted by the infection (OCI, 2020-c; Iftene, 2020). As a result, federally incarcerated Indigenous women are at an elevated risk based on their over-incarceration, gender and ethnicity. NWAC is calling for increased transparency and oversight of places of deprivation of liberty and swift, concrete and meaningful follow-up to Canada’s different national inquiries in order to keep Indigenous women safe from harm.

Read the press release: https://www.nwac.ca/systemic-racism-and-covid-19-a-deadly-mix-for-incarcerated-indigenous-women/

Read our report: “Minimizing COVID-19-related Risk Among Incarcerated Indigenous Females Through Transparency and Accountability”