The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the lives of Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people both here in Canada and around the world on many fronts: health, social, economic, and family. This crisis is placing women, who are often caregivers at home and in the community, at risk. Domestic and family violence rates increase during times of crisis, as security, health, and money worries affect families.

NWAC is actively working to grow our international reputation and to make connections with Indigenous women, girls, gender-diverse people, and their communities, and with organizations worldwide. In recent years, we have made it a priority to strengthen our engagement with different international entities at the United Nations and regional levels to advocate for Indigenous women’s rights. The current public health emergency does not change this fact.

In these trying times, NWAC is drawing on our international linkages to provide friends, supporters, and other interested actors with a range of international COVID-19-related resources and responses. We hope that these resources will help strengthen the human rights responses of different actors to the current pandemic.

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This information is grouped under eight themes:

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